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Unbelievable: Newsom Abandons Struggling Californians to Take Yet Another Personal Trip

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You’d think after his two-week disappearing act in early November and after having just returned from an extended vacation at a swanky private Mexican villa over the Thanksgiving break, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom would stay in the state and actually do his job; but no, Newsom has abandoned the once-golden state yet again. This time the Democrat’s destination was New York to kick off a media tour to promote his newly-released children’s book, Ben & Emma’s Big Hit, on all the usual leftist television shows.


Am I the only one smirking as I watch the harpies fawn all over extremely white-privileged little Gavin as they learn about how hard his widdle life was?

According to the publisher, Newsom’s new release is an “empowering picture book about a young boy with dyslexia who discovers a new way to look at reading.” Inspired by Newsom’s “own childhood diagnosis of dyslexia, readers will learn that kids with the determination to try (and try again) can do big things.” So why would Newsom choose now to promote his book (and by default, himself), after all the personal time he’s taken off recently? While average Californians are left to struggle under the weight of the third consecutive extension of Newsom’s state of emergency powers and a statewide tsunami of smash-and-grab crime that has been going on since early November?

Before he left, Newsom told the mayors of the state to “step up” and hold criminals accountable for the crimes in their cities. “If people are breaking in, people [are] stealing your property, they need to be arrested,” said Newsom last week. “Police need to arrest them. Prosecutors need to prosecute them. Judges need to hold people accountable for breaking the law.” The governor added that these aren’t victimless crimes, and he has “no empathy for these criminal elements.”

However, as State Sen. Scott Wilk (R, CA-21) commented, “Gavin Newsom says shoplifters should be prosecuted under existing CA laws and called out local officials for not doing their part. But, he’s the one who OKs all that soft-on-crime legislation.”

The senator has an excellent point. If Newsom truly wanted to prosecute criminals, he wouldn’t be passing the buck nor would he sign every pro-criminal leftist-led bill that lands on his desk in the governor’s office. And since there’s absolutely no reason a seated governor couldn’t wait until he’s out of office to write, publish, and promote a personal children’s book, it’s therefore reasonable to question what sort of “big things” the politically ambitious Democratic politician might be trying to both push accomplish and avoid with his dog-and-pony-show of a book tour — likely on the California taxpayers’ dime and definitely during an economic crisis and statewide crime wave.

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Obviously, a semi-autobiographical book about Newsom’s childhood with dyslexia has very little to do with the job some Californians re-hired him to do in September’s recall election. Yes, Newsom has supposedly pledged to donate all proceeds from the book to the International Dyslexia Association, but just like his failure to keep his pledge not to spend our ever-increasing state gas tax monies on the leftist agenda anything except roads and bridges, I’ll believe it when I see the receipts.

So, if the book tour isn’t for Newsom’s financial gain, it must be for his political gain.

It’s no secret inside California nor in national Democratic circles that Gavin Newsom badly wants to be president of the United States someday — but, as with most marginally-qualified leftists, sooner is better than later. Could this weirdly-timed book tour actually be his first foray into a presidential or vice presidential campaign? Is it a testing of the waters, designed to make him appear more likable and relatable — two attributes his former Attorney General, Kamala Harris, so obviously lacks?

“I’ve been pushing this agenda with the Legislature, but I have not pushed as far as I’ve wanted to push because I didn’t want to make it sort of — I didn’t want it to become too much about me,” Newsom told The Los Angeles Times. “But what’s really interesting just in last few years we’ve put more money in the budget” for early screening programs.

That was a campaign test-run speech if I’ve ever heard one. Newsom is using this book tour to get his face on camera nationwide while he spins the results of his disastrous leadership skills in the best light imaginable. I don’t know where this cat lives, but it’s certainly not in the same California I live in. But then again, he’s hardly ever actually in California, and when he is he’s not out here with us little people.

One clue that the political explanation is likely correct is that the book tour is designed not only to further Newsom’s  destruction legislative agenda for California’s schools, but also to paint him as a younger, more affable “every dad” version of the doddering “lunch bucket” Joe Biden. “If I’m reading casually to the kids, they prefer mom, they always say, ‘Where’s mom?'” said Newsom. “And I remember telling the kids, I think it was Brooklynn, I said, ‘Look, Daddy couldn’t read at your age, and Daddy struggled with something called dyslexia.’ And she was just like, whatever. You know, she just rolled her eyes.” Two months later, claims Newsom, he heard his daughter talking to a friend, saying, “My daddy couldn’t read. He has dyslexia.” Newsom said, “I’m like, ‘What? How do you even know that?’ She said, ‘You told me the other day. You weren’t even paying attention.’” Aww shucks, isn’t that made up adorable and just what this nation needs — another leader who doesn’t pay attention, amirite?

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Another clue that the 40-page book is for Newsom’s political benefit is the fact that he didn’t actually write it. The book cover states it’s “written by Gavin Newsom with Ruby Shamir,” however, Newsom told The Los Angeles Times:

It was like an interview thing. We framed it, and then she put it in an outline based upon our conversations. And so, we sort of created the composites and created the characters. I talked about how important visualization is. I feel rooms and I see objects and stuff, and so she translated all that and did a draft and then we just spent two to three months just copying up versions of the draft. So, she was the rock star. She’s the writer.

Of course, his cronies supporters will say it’s only logical that someone with dyslexia would need a co-writer, but to this writer and Californian, it simply sounds like more of Newsom’s usual halfway work style. Why put in the work when you’ll get top billing anyway? Why really be a role model for kids when you can simply profit politically off of your learning disorder by using it to revamp your image?

As with Newsom’s book, I’m absolutely not buying this dog-and-pony show is just a book tour for the kids.