The Zombie Congress Stumbles Along (Updated)

Two headlines greet Americans today.

1. Reid threatens to keep Congress into next year: New spending bill totals $575.13 million per page


2. Congress’ Job Approval Rating Worst in Gallup History

Call me crazy, but I think these headlines just might be related.  The Congress that runs until January has been called a “lame duck,” but that vastly understates the actual threat this Congress now poses.

On November 2, the voters turned this rotten Congress out.  But yet it’s still there like some B-movie zombie, engorging itself on the flesh of the nation’s fiscal future.  It’s still there creating monstrous spending bills.  It’s still there larding up what was a sensible tax cut compromise to the point that it’s becoming indefensible.  It’s still there threatening to amnesty a couple million illegal aliens via the nightmare of a DREAM Act, which will only serve to attract even more to get into the country by whatever means, knowing that goodies await because one of the major political parties has mistakenly staked its future on tearing down the rule of law.  And the other hasn’t yet decided how to deal with that.

On Tuesday, Sen. John McCain tried tweeting the Zombie Congress’ most flagrant pork assaults packed into the omnibus spending bill.  The senator was probably tweeting into the wind, but in the interest of helping expose some of the battier, porkier line items in that bill, here are a few of the things that McCain noted:

$247,000 – Virus free wine grapes in Washington State

$413,000 – Peanut research in Alabama

$349,000 – Swine waste management in North Carolina

Hey, at least that last item is for, you know, actual pork.

Last night on the Roger Hedgecock Show, guest host (and PJM contributor) Chris Salcedo said that the Harry Reid version of the omnibus spending bill amounted to a big middle finger from the Democrats to the American people.  That seems about right.  In November America voted for less spending and more transparency, and the first thing the Reid Gang does is, on the one hand, pay off the casino cartel that kept him in office, while on the other hand, cobbling together a massive, irresponsible $1.1 trillion spending bill.  Trillion.  With a “T”.  Over $8 billion of that is earmarks.

This is not an omnibus spending bill.  It’s an ominous spending bill.  It’s the zombie Democrat horde encircling the American taxpayer, ready to rip and tear and feast one last time before the Republicans arrive to restore order.  They really are The Walking Dems, and they must be stopped.

President Obama, if you happen to be reading Pajamas Media today, please take a little sincere advice from one of your staunchest opponents: If this bill reaches your desk, veto it.  Kill it dead and dance on its corpse.  Your approval rating will go up a solid five points.  And you’ll deserve that, for taking down the Zombie Congress.

Update: Sen. DeMint is set to stage a non-filibuster filibuster of the ominous spending bill (and the START treaty).

Update: The NYT says Harry Reid is “Dreaming of a Post-Christmas Congress.”  America, meanwhile, is dreaming of a post-Congress Christmas.

Update:  Why is it that the best media take on President Obama’s abdication comes from Taiwanese animators?  It does, and here it is.  I’m calling it Fail to the Chief: The Movie.