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World Naked Bike Riders in St. Louis Exposed Penises and Vaginas, Sexually Molesting My Kids

This evening my two children were molested by liberals and the sexual revolution.

My family and I are currently in St. Louis on our family vacation. We like to do road trips, and St. Louis is in the middle of our extended road trip, stopping at cities and sites that expose our kids to many of the cool things and places that this country has to offer. What my wife and I did not plan on was exposing our children to a large group of fully nude adults.

After a fun day of exploring the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch and enjoying a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River, we stopped at a local restaurant for dinner before returning to our Airbnb. The restaurant, Square One Brewery & Distillery, was great. Good food, excellent service, delicious craft beer and liquor, and a fun time laughing with our kids as we recounted our day of being cheesy tourists.

As we left, our route was blocked by a large group of cyclists — a large group of nude cyclists. Unbeknownst to my wife and me, we had stopped to eat smack-dap in the middle of the St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride's route. Leaving the restaurant, my wife commanded, "Look out the back window, kids."

Of course, and through no fault of my wife, our kids looked out the front window and were exposed to hundreds of nude adults. Some of the bike riders flagrantly stood up on the pedals and flaunted their nudity to the waiting cars. In legal terms, I'm pretty sure that is referred to as "indecent exposure."

After escaping by making a quick turn in the wrong direction, our GPS rerouted us. To our dismay, we soon found ourselves stopped at an intersection as the entire parade of nude adults pedaled past our car. Our two children, both minors, were exposed to adults gleefully exposing their penises and vaginas. After about five minutes, the "parade" of nudity passed and we drove to our Airbnb.

However, as I write this, we are trapped in our Airbnb as the St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride rides past the house. I can hear their profane shouts as they express their lustful glee. It is everything that I can do to keep from going outside and confronting them. I feel violated and I am angry. It is not okay that a group of adults can openly flaunt their nudity and imprison my family inside.

I called 911 and was told, "We'll check on it."

If I were to strip my clothes off and enter either of my kids' schools, I would be arrested. Going a step further, if I were to strip off my clothes and walk around my neighborhood, I would be arrested. And rightfully so. Society recognizes the need to protect children (and other adults) from predators. Why, then, does society allow a large group of adults to parade their nudity in front of children under the guise of a bike ride?