Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' to Be Made into a TV Series

Copies of Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" on display as they go on sale at a bookshop, in London, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

You guys know โ€“ because Iโ€™ve explained it before โ€“ why it is that, in our culture, dying institutions and entertainment corporations tend to roll left before they die.

For those coming to this late, it is because โ€“ the left in the long march, having completely taken over all entertainment and news reporting โ€“ if your magazine, newspaper or tv station was in financial trouble, you had one last-ditch chance of making yourself employable again.

If you staked out a position far to the left of all your peers, there was an out-chance that people seeing your organization go out in flames wouldnโ€™t even look at your spectacular mismanagement but simply say, โ€œWell, he was too daring and tried to move too fast. Itโ€™s sad, but itโ€™s the price of living in this corrupt capitalist society.โ€ Theyโ€™d then hire you again, and with luck, hire you for a better position than the one you had before.

I watched a science fiction editor perform this trick three times in a row once.

Does the trick still work?  Sort of.  Itโ€™s not guaranteed, and it sort of depends on your position and where you work. There are still plenty of leftist institutions that will fall for this and give you a job.

On the other hand, there are fewer leftist institutions, and frankly, they all seem to be in crisis.

On the other hand, humans are odd creatures, and we change our mindset very slowly if at all.

In a discussion with a friend yesterday, we realized most of the stereotypes for, say, male and female behavior are at least 100 years old and no longer apply. But the left is still rebelling against them.

So, in the same way, all of the left has to roll left and die, embedded as it is in their brains as still being a winning relationship.

Which brings us to this:

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' to Become TV Series.

Yes, you read that right, Fire and Fury, the book that has so many inaccuracies it canโ€™t be taken seriously, the book that was so โ€œurgentโ€ it wasnโ€™t even properly copyedited, the book that most people are reading to point at and laugh -- that book is going to become a TV series.

You see, the people in Hollywood, and in TV, and for that matter in publishing so badly want Trump to fail. They wanted Hillary to win. Theyโ€™ve been looking forward to a Hillary presidency since Bill was president (not a joke. Iโ€™ve overheard conversations).  And now that mean, mean Donald Trump has taken her victory and triumph away.

They have to make the world right again, and if they just roll left enough theyโ€™ll manage it.