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With Kavanaugh Smear, Democrats Use Americans' Innate Good Will Against Them

I can't really say it much better than this:

The Democrats are positively satanic in the way they manipulate the system, using the average American's innate good will and sense of fair play against them and the country. This whole Feinstein stunt is nothing short of attempted blackmail, in addition to being a smear on a good man, a mechanism to continue the "Resistance" by dragging out the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh in the hopes that his nomination will be withdrawn, and a softening up of the November electoral battlespace.

Jake Lingle gave the game away earlier today on Twitter:

Mrs. Dick Blum (click on the link) and her minions have planned this from the jump -- after all, she's had this ransom note in her paws for months now. And it's been timed now for maximum impact, both to destroy Kavanaugh's reputation and career, and further the narrative that the GOP Hates Women.