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Why Do Americans Have Political Blogs, and Why Are They Rare Elsewhere?

What if they gave a singularity and only America showed up?

I know, I know, but keep in mind that singularity is any form of living/life that changes your way of living at a fundamental level so that anyone transported from the past would be unable to understand it.

I’m not sure we’re quite there in our use of the Internet, but we’re not far off.

Our embrace of ebooks and, particularly, our embrace of the Internet as an alternate means of news and information has arguably transformed the way we live.

No?  Tell it to President Hillary.  Or explain why no one, except a few sad, deluded people, believes Obama’s successive summers of recovery actually worked.  Or why publishing houses are in trouble in all their fiction lines.  Or why bookstores are also in trouble, or—

Look, guys, I remember Clinton’s administration, when Hillary was the most stylish woman ever and smart too, and Bill was the nicest and smartest of men.  The media couldn’t do that for Obama or even keep it up for the Clintons, really.

You see, it’s been 20 years now, give or take, since we dropped into the world of blogs, at first tentatively, then full force.  9/11 gave political blogs (and not the personal journey, culinary and craft blogs) an extra impetus.

I’ll be honest, being an optimist, I thought that 2004 would be the last election where blogs didn’t have a major hand.  Heck, maybe I wasn’t wrong.  Given how hard Democrats fight against measures to make the voting honest, the only thing we can be sure of is that they take advantage of it not being honest.  So real totals for voting are actually impossible to calculate, and it might just be we didn’t escape the margin of fraud.

But then there was the election in 2016, and everything since.  And heck, the media threw everything it had at making Obama the new FDR and “one of our greatest presidents” and it really hasn’t stuck except with the young, the leftists, and the very gullible ( but I repeat myself).

At this point, most people taking the traditional media seriously are the very old, the very young or people who are so busy elsewhere they only sort of catch some sort of politics in the air, as it were (I have friends like that).

No one else, really, gives a hang about it. The media knows that, and they’re going insane and reporting ever-more outrageous things, trying to weaponize their remaining (paltry) audience.

… And people abroad eat up every single word.  Why?

Yeah, there are some (not many) political blogs in other countries.  We usually hear of them when there’s something interesting happening in that country.  There are others, mostly in the Anglosphere, some of which have a large American audience, and some of their own country.