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When Antifa Chants 'No America at All'


Apparently while countering the “Unite the Right” (which is neither) demonstration, the brown shirts of Antifa got a little upset there was no one there to fight them.

According to this article on Powerline, quoting an article in the Washington Post by Petula Dvorak (who covered the Antifa demonstration):

Masked — in black instead of KKK white — they pinballed around the empty streets of downtown D.C., randomly chanting and searching for a brawl .

“Bust some windows!” (Why?)

“Nazis, go home!” (They did.)

“No border! No wall! No USA at all!” (Huh?)

First, I want to say that if Ms. Dvorak’s puzzlement at these slogans isn’t faked – is that possible? – it might be time she paid some attention to what is happening in the party she (being a liberal) ostensibly endorses.  That last chant is no surprise for those of us who have been awake for the last 15 years or so.  The Democratic Party – whose violent arm Antifa is – has long since become the Midgard Worm, gnawing at the root of all that allows it and its (generally helpless) supporters to exist.

For those I lost in the last paragraph: the Norsemen, people not known for their sunny outlook on the future, believed that at the root of the “world tree” (i.e the tree that supports our entire reality) there lay a worm, the Midgard Worm, which gnawed at the root and would eventually cause reality as we know it to cease to exist, thereby bringing about Ragnarok (which it turns out is more than just a movie, yes).

Okay, that’s it, and I promise I won’t be inflicting any more reminders of my misspent – if you don’t think sitting in a corner and reading a lot is misspent, you must be me – youth on you.  I also promise that there won’t be a test on Tuesday.  (Perhaps next Wednesday, but not Tuesday!).

But I wanted you to have that image because it’s one found in other less-known mythologies: something that is working to destroy the universe as it exists, in the same universe that allows it to exist.

And it’s a puzzling image.  Looking at it as a myth, you have to scratch your head and go: What were they even thinking?  Was the mead particularly tasty that day?

Except that we’re seeing it play out before our very eyes with the Midgard Worm played by Antifa, an assemblage of the psychotic and the helpless and mostly both, people who couldn’t catch a clue if the clue was on crutches, people who – from the exemplars caught and exposed – either exist in the sheltered bubble of academia or in the equally sheltered bubble of their parents’ basements, people who, if they have any job it’s the equivalent of barista.