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What Would King Solomon Do with Immigrant Children?


We’re watching multiple meltdowns, mostly on the left, about the practice of separating children from their illegal immigrant parents (or the adults with them) at the southern border of the U.S.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know — nor frankly do I care — if our policy tracks with other Western countries.  What I do know is that the people falling on the floor, kicking arms and legs up and down, and finally holding their breath and threatening to turn blue — including the UN — are not only wrong but disturbingly wrong. Their idea that children should always stay with those claiming to be their parents endangers children and adults, destroys the future of the children and might very well encourage kidnapping and child trafficking.

Like most other things the UN throws its weight behind, it’s not only wrong -- it’s very very bad.  As in evil.  As in no one sane should support it.

Before I start in on this, I want to explain that I come from a country that throughout most of my childhood functioned in relation to Europe just as Mexico (or more accurately Central America) functions in relation to the U.S.  Portugal was, if  not a failed state, a profoundly and endemically poor state — and people who had mostly labor to sell longed to work in labor-poor (at the time) Europe for currencies that translated as enormously more valuable than the (then) Portuguese escudo.

Europe — which had no experience of Arabs yet — considered Portugal and Portuguese (not totally without cause) un-European and a bad trend and didn’t like importing a lot of unskilled/unlearned laborers.  However, they were dying for laborers and for people who would do the unpalatable work and be paid under the table (and they were happy to avoid onerous labor regulations.

As far as I saw it play out, the process went like this: Father went out, illegally, sometimes for years, until he found the combination of circumstances/employer that allowed him to apply for a legal visa.  This could take ten to fifteen years, with several “returns” when he was caught and deported.  As soon as he was in possession of a legal visa, Father would send for children and wife, as legal immigrants.  Sometimes the process would vary if father and mother had a trusted relative who would stay with the kids, while Father and Mother crossed over illegally.

Since most of the places these people emigrated to were Europe and specifically Germany and parts further North, the illegal crossing was extremely dangerous, as it had to happen twice.  People often hired the equivalent of the Mexican coyotes to get them across the border, and getting raped/beaten/robbed or even killed was not unusual.  Hence the father and very occasionally the mother risking themselves but leaving the children safe at home.