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International House of... Burgers?

Last week, the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) announced it would be changing its name to IHOb. On Monday, the company unveiled what the B stands for, and IHOP fans were less than pleased.

"For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18," the company teased.

A Twitter poll found that fans preferred "bacon" (41 percent) over "barnacles" (27 percent), "biscuits" (26 percent), and "butternut squash" (6 percent).

On Saturday, the company tweeted a video of a Beluga whale, suggesting the name "International House of Beluga."

With great fanfare, IHOP announced what the B stands for: burgers! Wait, what?