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What I'd Like to Say to the White Nationalist Who Wrote to Me

Because I have no qualms about hammering the Left for anti-white comments or tackling racial issues that come that up in the news, white nationalists do come across my work. Inevitably, they end up deeply disappointed and one of them recently wrote me about it. Here’s a compilation of a couple of emails he recently sent me….

Subject: You’re like a communist.


In your "Liberal Hate for White People," you wish that everyone would be colorblind and follow MLK’s content of character dictum.  But the fact is that most people, especially most non-white people, are inherently tribal.  Most of them want people that look like them to win and rule.  They care much less about maximizing their economic opportunities and lowering taxes.

When you wish that people could be colorblind, you are like a communist who wishes that a person would work as hard for a collective as he would work for his family.  Just like it is contrary to human nature to expect communism to work, it is contrary to human nature to expect colorblindness, especially from non-whites.

You are like a person who opposes gravity for ethical reasons.  Stop doing that.  Accept tribalism and act accordingly.

All those based black conservatives and natural conservative Hispanics exist only in very small numbers and are not going to save our country.  Race is real.  Face up to it.

How long till Candice Owens goes Omarosa?  Owens is just a parrot cashing a check.

….I am a white nationalist or an identitarian.  I’m disappointed in you that you would mention the term ‘white supremacist.’  Who are you, Rachel Maddow?  Virtually all white nationalists agree that Asians have higher mathematical IQ and lower crime rate than whites.  White nationalists agree that some Africans can run faster than all whites.  If we grant these points, how can we be supremacist?

I’ll answer that question:  Whites have, by far, the highest ability to create civilizations in which other races want to live.  That’s called ‘civilizational ability,’ and we possess it in orders of magnitude over the other races.  You know it’s true too.  To retain our wonderful civilizations, we must exclude other races, especially the Jews, who are the most traitorous to average whites.  No one craves to destroy the flyover-state white man more than the urban Jew.  You know it’s true too. – William Luther

There’s a lot to unpack there and unlike the giant corporations that have taken to censoring people instead of addressing what they have to say, I think the best way to fight bad speech is with good speech. People with good arguments should be willing to make them. So, as to the emails….

First off, are most people inherently tribal? Absolutely. Our natural tendency as humans is to split ourselves off in different ways. However, the tribes we sort ourselves into are often not based on race (at one time, the Irish and Italians could have told you all about that) and it’s exactly this impulse that we had to overcome to build a successful republic. An America where every group is primarily loyal to its own country of origin or race is an America without a bright future.