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Western Jihadists Who Joined ISIS Fear for Their Lives, Beg to Be Sent Home

An increasing number of jihadists active in Syria are fearing for their lives. The result: they want to go back to the Western countries where most of them were born and raised.

It must be a major disappointment for many extremist European Muslims who have traveled to Syria in recent years, hoping they could live in their own version of heaven. Meaning: a horrific, brutal empire in which Islamist extremists can do whatever they please, like raping non-Muslim women, throwing gays from rooftops, and taking non-Muslims as slaves.

For a few years, these extremists got what they had dreamed of. Sadly for them, however, their radical caliphate has all but been destroyed in recent months. Even Raqqa, the capital of the supposed caliphate, has been conquered by forces opposing the terror group.

ISIS-jihadist Victor Droste shortly before he traveled to Syria to join ISIS. (Screenshot YouTube)

The result is that many jihadists are fleeing Syria. Although it would make sense for them to move to countries where radical Islam is powerful (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan), they prefer to go back to the countries where many of them were born and raised: European countries.

One example of such a jihadist who has had enough of losing wars is Victor Droste, a Dutchman who converted to Islam several years ago. Gradually, he radicalized. In the end, he moved to Syria where he joined ISIS.

In July of this year, Droste announced that he wanted to return to the Netherland because, well, it's just so darn hard to lose wars.

In the months since, Droste hasn't made a move, however. Many Dutchmen have wondered why that is. If he wants to return to our country, he can certainly (and sadly) do so.

Or not.

Because he has one major problem: the Turkish government doesn't want him to travel through Turkey. If this ISIS butcher wants to return to the Netherlands, he has to go through Turkey. That's why he wants to travel to the Turkish province of Idlib. From there, he can travel by plane to the Netherlands (probably via Ankara or Istanbul).

The result? The man who came to Syria to slaughter as many innocent people as he could is now begging the Turkish government to please, pleaseplease let him through.

"I have decided to travel to the Netherlands," Droste writes in a letter to the Turkish government, "but in order to do so I first have to pass through your country. I plan to surrender myself to Turkish soldiers in the province of Idlib. I swear, by Allah, that I haven't come to Turkey to hurt the Turkish people or army. I just want to go home."

You'd almost feel pity for the extremist mass killer. Almost.