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Virginia Voter Registration Page Malfunctions on Last Day to Register to Vote

Monday, October 15, 2018 is the last day to register to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As the day began, however, voters attempting to update their registration ran into website problems.

Multiple Virginia voters (who had voted in recent elections) sent PJ Media screenshots of their attempts to update their voter registration. Both received the message, "Record Not Found."

The Department of Elections (DoE) responded to PJ Media's requests for comment with a statement added below.

"Today is Virginia's voter registration deadline," tweeted Alex Diener. "The website for checking voter registration () is apparently not working, and its failure mode was to make it look like I'm not registered. What a disaster."

Jen Alluisi spoke with someone in the DoE, who admitted the website had crashed. "Heads up, Virginia friendos - the VA DoE check-your-voter-registration form is buggy today (per a DoE person I spoke to)," she tweeted. "If you check and it says you're not registered, call your local registrar."

John Stange, a member of the #Resistance, also reported problems, sharing a screenshot of his attempt to update his registration, with the message, "Record Not Found."

"Virginians: Voter registration website is having problems. Most people I know, all registered, are showing up 'record not found'. Confirmed mine on the phone," Stange tweeted. "So it's deadline day, and the voter registration site is at least partly busted."

The problem appears to be regional, as some voters did not experience any issues. I am a Virginia resident and voter, and I was able to log in just fine.