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UT-Austin 'MasculinUT' Ad Campaign Treats Masculinity as a Mental Illness

At the University of Texas at Austin, the Counseling and Mental Health Center has discovered a terrible new scourge afflicting men: MASCULINITY.

There are a number of horrific symptoms of this mental health disaster, according to UT-Austin: rape, violence, and binge drinking, just to name a few. There is also talk about how awful it is that masculine men are competitive, are not emotional enough, and are way too aggressive.

This is what the school calls “restrictive” masculinity: Apparently, masculinity restricts men from being like women. The Counseling and Mental Health Center thinks that’s a problem, as you’re about to learn from this hard-to-believe-it’s-real poster it released:

There is nothing masculine about the person in that poster. Nothing at all. I’m not trying to pick on the person, but I am simply not 100 percent sure whether he or she is male or female. Is this what the school is attempting to teach? Masculinity actually means "androgyny"?

Not according to this next hard-to-believe-it’s-real poster:

He doesn’t identify as masculine, so I have some good news for him. He’s not masculine.

But the person in the first poster taught us that masculinity means androgyny. Is this person mistaken in his definition of masculinity? What is UT-Austin really teaching here?

Here’s one more yes-it's-real poster, which -- accidentally -- gets to the root of this campaign: