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United Airlines Cut Ties with NRA, Maintains Them with Planned Parenthood

Students protest guns

After the horrific school shooting in Florida, something incredibly dangerous has started to happen: angry mobs have taken over the debate on gun control.

Opponents of the Second Amendment are organizing protest rallies, bullying those who dare defend the United States Constitution and forcing companies that do business with the National Rifle Association (NRA) in one form or another to stop doing so.

What's worse, these efforts are producing results. Several companies have announced they're breaking with the NRA. One of them is United Airlines.

As Guy Benson points out, not only is this development (of companies giving in to mob rule) extremely worrisome, it's also highly hypocritical:

"I *hate* the politicization of everything & usually eschew boycotts. I honestly don’t know what to do bc I don’t want to join/escalate the outrage wars. But I also worry about sending a signal to corporate America that caving to the organized Left has no consequences," Benson adds in another tweet.