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UK Magazine Says 'Bromances' Often Include Kissing, Cuddling

Tired man in suit covering eyes with hand

There's a big difference between a "bromance" and a "romance" in the grand scheme of things. After all, "bromance" refers to an incredibly close friendship between men, but romance isn't really part of it. It's just a joking term.

However, a UK magazine for gay men, Attitude, reported some head-scratching comments about a so-called study on so-called bromances. They quoted researcher Adam White:

Participants suggested, for example, that a bromantic friend was "someone who is literally there for you all the time" and "will always be there to back you up if you need it."


A bromance is between friends whose mutual support is perceived as limitless and unwavering. All of the participants said they had at least one relationship they would class as a bromance.

Wait for it ...

[A]ll but one of the men asked said that they regularly engaged in "non-sexual physical intimacy," such as kissing, cuddling, and spooning with their best friend.

Though Attitude failed to provide a link to the study, this abstract of the study fails to mention kissing or cuddling. However, it does list this work as a reference, which explicitly does.

As everyone knows even without a study, this claim is bonkers.