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Twitter Suspends 'Smash Racism' Account after Tucker Protest, But What About 'Antifa Prof.' Mike Isaacson?

Tucker Carlson interviews antifa Prof. Michael Isaacson

Twitter finally suspended the violent antifa group Smash Racism after it organized a mob to terrorize the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, forcing his wife, who was home alone at the time, to hide in a pantry until police arrived.

Oddly enough, a Washington, D.C.-area Episcopal church apparently has no problem with violent antifa groups meeting in their church basement to organize their activities.

Smash Racism held three "From Resistance to Revolution" conferences at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church in November and December of last year. A house of God hosting these domestic terrorists seems weirdly incongruous, to say the least.

Meanwhile, former John Jay economics professor and (former?) Smash Racism organizer Mike Isaacson (@VulgarEconomics) continues to have a Twitter account where he is allowed to threaten law enforcement and political figures on a regular basis.

On Thursday, Isaacson mocked Carlson on Twitter, suggesting that he got what he deserved:

He even suggested in a tweet that the only reason Carlson's home wasn't on fire was because his comrades had practiced "restraint."

In January of this year, John Jay finally let Isaacson go after his egregious anti-police tweets were publicized in the conservative media. (The MSM had little interest in the story, which broke in September 2017.)

Isaacson needs no introduction to regular PJ Media readers. I've written about his repulsive antics here and here and here and here.

Isaacson wrote on his blog Thursday that an active member of Smash Racism told him that Carlson and other “far right personalities” had been doxxed.

Via The Daily Caller:

Isaacson wrote that he hasn’t worked with Smash Racism DC for three years, but he wrote that he “probably should have seen [the protest] coming” and referred to the group’s active members as his “comrades.”

“SRDC has really been on fire with the doxxes as of late,” Isaacson wrote. “Anyway, last night my SRDC comrades engaged in what’s known as ‘grassroots lobbying’ – showing up at a powerful person’s doorstep, usually at night, and generally making as much noise as possible.