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Twitter Revokes Louis Farrakhan’s Blue Check Over Anti-Semitic Tirade

Twitter has pulled the "blue check" verification badge from Louis Farrakhan's official Twitter page after the Nation of Islam leader went on (another) anti-Semitic tirade last week.

Farrakhan has been under fire for months for anti-Semitic tirades, and thanks in no small part to CNN's Jake Tapper, so are progressives who are tied to him. Notably among those are organizers of the Women's March on D.C., who have yet to disavow him. In fact, one of the march's founders, Tamika Mallory, continues to actively support Farrakhan and was dropped from an event in Australia over her support and her own anti-Semitic comments.

Here in the United States, consequences for these public, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel positions have been few and far between in years past. This year, however, there has been some fallout among Democrats as it became harder to deny or hide Farrakhan's views from public scrutiny, or to explain them away as not being racist or hateful. Which may be why, after some time, there are now some repercussions.

And so it is that last week Farrakhan tweeted his latest rant and referred to "Satanic Jews" in the tweet. Twitter noticed and it was enough to have his verification badge pulled.

Pollster Frank Luntz called attention to the tweet on Thursday.

Luntz applauded Twitter's move on Friday.

But it wasn't until Sunday that the news started to become news, when the Daily Wire's Joseph Curl characterized the move as essentially toothless.