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Twitter Apologizes for Censoring Coptic Christian Calling Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group

A Twitter user who was locked out of her account for criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood last week has finally received an apology for the illegitimate ban.

The user, a Coptic Christian doctor, had called the Islamist group out for their acts of terrorism directed at Egypt's embattled Christian minority.

She reported last Friday that her account had been suspended for 11 hours for a tweet she posted on the 9/11 anniversary that identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

She complained the following day that she wasn't getting replies to her emails asking Twitter how her tweet violated their rules.

She was then banned from Twitter for a whole week after complaining about her suspension, citing other tweets criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood:

Her Twitter suspension received high-profile attention and was even picked up in the Middle East media:

But she reports today that her suspension has been lifted and that she has received an apology for the illegitimate ban — though apparently, she hasn't received an explanation for why it happened.

Despite the apology, her Twitter experience continues with some difficulty: