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Why Trump's Threats Against Amazon Are Wrongheaded

Donald Trump's tough talk will always be part of how he handles himself. His supporters love it; those who don't love it -- from across the political spectrum -- cringe often. But Trump has been effective as president because of this style, and that's really not a matter up for dispute.

However, Trump's threats to advance an internet tax -- a jab that he focuses at Amazon -- is a bad move.

That the president is focused on Amazon may not mean much to many people, but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, a publication that is critical of the president's administration.

Well, that's fine. Newspapers should be critical of the administration. Any administration. And Trump is just as correct to throw it back at the press when he thinks they deserve it. They certainly failed to be watchdogs of the Obama administration, and his critiques are often fair.

However, Trump targeting one business that happens to be tied to the Washington Post reads like political payback. It's not good politics.

Don't get me wrong, there are legitimate criticisms Trump can make about Amazon. The sweetheart deal they have with the U.S. Postal Service -- which has led to the American taxpayers subsidizing Amazon's shipping fees -- should be a topic for discussion. Picking winners and losers in the private sector is a Democrat's vice.

But Trump's talk of an internet tax is wrongheaded -- especially if you want to target Amazon.