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Trump Tweets Lay Out a Winning Strategy on Border Wall-Shutdown Fight

Donald Trump is a firebrand, and many Americans fear he is mentally unstable. He has a devoted fan base, but an extremely influential group of devoted enemies. The president does best when he can shame his enemies by fulfilling the broken promises of those who came before him. On Friday, he may have found the secret sauce to apply this strategy to the current border wall-shutdown battle.

First, the president set the scene, describing the "Humanitarian Crisis at our Southern Border. I just got back and it is a far worse situation than almost anyone would understand, an invasion!"

Then the president sprinkled in some invective: "The Democrats, Cryin’ Chuck and Nancy don’t know how bad and dangerous it is for our ENTIRE COUNTRY...."

Rather than just leaving the invective, however, Trump employed it to shame the Democrats — and previous presidents and Congresses.

"The Steel Barrier, or Wall, should have been built by previous administrations long ago," he tweeted. "They never got it done - I will."

Then he concluded by describing what will happen without the wall. "Without it, our Country cannot be safe. Criminals, Gangs, Human Traffickers, Drugs & so much other big trouble can easily pour in. It can be stopped cold!"

As a Trump skeptic and a wall skeptic, I don't think the border wall is an adequate solution to the immigration crisis. But I do think Trump won in 2016 in part because he promised the wall. This means he should have asked Congress for the money in 2017, but it seems he has picked this fight in order to shame the incoming Democratic Congress.

This strategy seemed ill-advised, but now Democrats have presented three incompatible ideas: 1- "We support border security, even an extension of fencing"; 2 - "We oppose a wall because it won't work"; 3 - "This is a manufactured crisis."

If Democrats support fencing, why not a strong fence all along the border? If Democrats think a wall won't work, why support fencing? If Democrats want to solve border security issues, how is this a "manufactured crisis"? Trump is using hyperbole on this issue, but Democrats are making fools of themselves.