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Trump Tweet on South Africa Farmers Sends Currency Into Tailspin, Libs Shout 'White Supremacy!'

On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump echoed Fox News host Tucker Carlson, lamenting the plight of farmers in South Africa. He said he had directed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into it. This one tweet sent South Africa's currency into a tailspin and unleashed a new round of accusations that Trump is a white supremacist.

"I have asked Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers," the president tweeted. He then proceeded to quote Carlson, "South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers."

This tweet followed a segment on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in which the Fox News host reported that South Africa's government had already started expropriating the land of white farmers without pay, a policy South Africa's government insists it has not implemented and which would require a constitutional amendment that is currently working its way through the legal process.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has pushed the expropriation of land from white people. In the wake of the fall of the white-dominated apartheid system, black leftist leaders have demanded radical reforms to essentially reverse the white racism of the previous regime. The Left is demanding the expropriation of farmland from white owners and its redistribution to blacks. Tucker Carlson called this what it is: racism.

According to a government survey, white farmers possess 72 percent of the farms, despite the fact that white people make up only eight percent of the population. Meanwhile, black people — who make up about 80 percent of the population — own only 4 percent of the farms. Activists like Ramaphosa push land expropriation to fix that "imbalance."

On Tuesday, Ramaphosa promised to defend property rights and privatize public land in order to boost the poor. This boosted the nation's currency, the Rand, Bloomberg's Paul Vecchiatto reported.

Trump's tweet, however, sent the Rand spiraling down amid fears of U.S. sanctions, Bloomberg's Colleen Goko reported.

South Africa's government pushed back on Trump's tweets, suggesting they misrepresented the real situation in the country. "South Africa totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past," the official government account tweeted.