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Trump Insults Anybody Who Angers Him, Regardless of Color

For all my criticisms of Donald Trump, and I've got more than a few, I do admire his ability to manipulate liberals and the media. He understands how they think, because he was one of them. (In some ways, he still is.) He got the media to hand him untold millions of dollars in free airtime during the campaign, because they thought it was hilarious that he kept beating the more traditional Republican candidates. They assumed Hillary Clinton would stomp him. Hell, they actually cheered him on! They outsmarted themselves, and the cognitive dissonance has driven them insane, so now they keep cycling through the same limited series of attacks to try to bring him down. As of today, they're back to this old favorite: "Trump is a racist because he insulted a black person."

On Friday night, CNN's Don Lemon interviewed LeBron James. And Trump responded as only he could or would want to:

(If you don't know who "Mike" is, what you're really saying is that you don't know what basketball is.)

Uh-oh. Trump just insulted a black guy. You know what that means, right?

Aidan McLaughlin, Mediaite:

Chuck Todd asked Sen. Roy Blunt about President Donald Trump‘s curious tendency to label his African-American opponents as unintelligent, and the Missouri Republican assured the NBC host that the GOP is not “anti-black...”

“It’s always with an African-American when he questions intelligence,” Todd interjected. “That’s what makes a lot of people uncomfortable with what he’s doing.”

Chuck Todd's claim here is that Trump only calls African-Americans stupid.

One of the many things I don't like about Trump is that he tweets too many angry, dimwitted things. But as annoying as that is, it also leaves a trail of evidence contradicting the idea that he only insults black people. For example, here's Trump insulting Chuck Todd himself:

Here's Trump insulting an Italian-American:

He also insults white women: