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Trump Blasts Facebook: 'They Were on Her Side, Not Mine!'

Now that the media are obsessively focusing on Facebook ads that were supposedly spread by the Russians to boost Donald Trump's campaign, the billionaire president himself has decided to fight back. On Twitter, Trump argued that the stories about how Facebook supposedly helped him are greatly exaggerated. In fact, he tweeted , Facebook was on Hillary Clinton's side.

Trump also argued that, although some people (Russians?) may have bought Facebook ads that aimed at helping him and/or tearing down Hillary, the amounts involved were "tiny." He added:

We are not supposed to talk about the positive free media coverage Hillary received, but Trump is 100 percent correct. The mainstream media were constantly rooting for Hillary, building her up at every occasion while simultaneously doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from winning. If she had had to pay for that coverage, she would've been dead broke.