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Trump Accusers Explain Why They Aren’t Taking the President to Court

On Monday, three of the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault publicly called on Congress to investigate their allegations. Even so, they also explained why they decided not to bring the president to court.

"What am I going to sue him for? Being really creepy? That's not something that would stand up in court," Samantha Holvey, a former Miss North Carolina 2006 who accused Trump of entering a dressing room to peek at undressed contestants, said in a press conference.

Rachel Crooks, a former Bayrock Group receptionist who accused Trump of kissing her on the lips without her consent in 2005, agreed that the sixteen accusers intended to take their case to "the court of public opinion."

"I don't think the courts are the place to go," added Jessica Leeds, who accused Trump of moving his hand up her skirt during a flight. In Leeds' case, the event happened so long ago that a legal case is unimaginable — the statute of limitations has passed.

"I don't even think a judge would enter into any sort of case in it," Leeds added. "I don't have any thoughts of going to the courts for this. We have to deal with the public."

The women came forward once again in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Many women have accused various men of sexual assault, most notably Harvey Weinstein, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), and Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Trump re-endorsed Moore last week (following the sexual assault allegations), leading the Republican National Committee (RNC) to follow suit. Each of the women condemned the president for this.

"I think the endorsement is disgusting, absolutely disgusting," Holvey said. "I don't think he should have been elected to begin with."

"He was able to just deny what we said and that got him elected just fine," Holvey added. She said the Moore endorsement constituted Trump "passing the torch for Roy to do the same."

Leeds flatly stated that Trump "doesn't have any moral compass, so the accusations against Roy Moore, it puts him in the same category." She said it is "horrifying" that America has "gotten so polarized through the politics that they want to keep a Republican seat even though it's a pedophile."

The woman added, "I think Trump will eventually be forced to quit, to resign — probably most likely because of financial matters in the [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller investigation."

"I unfortunately feel that the sexual aggression issue is kind of low on the list of things wrong with Trump, but it's important enough to me to bring this up and get some sort of change in our culture," Leeds declared.