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Transgender Activists Weaponize UK Hate Law, Call Police in 'Campaign' to Silence Dissent

Last Monday, the police called 74-year-old Margaret Nelson. The officers had gotten a tip about her online statements opposing transgender identity, and asked her to stop posting tweets and blog posts that might offend transgender people. Speaking with PJ Media on Saturday, Ms. Nelson said this was part of a campaign to silence dissent on these hot-button issues, and that activists have overplayed their hands.

"A few others have been contacted by the police, as there appears to be a campaign to exploit the definition of hate in British law, which is too wide and woolly, by reporting people for causing 'distress', and the police really don't know how to handle it," Ms. Nelson told PJ Media.

Ms. Nelson described the phone call she received from police in an interview with Britain's The Spectator. "The officer said she wanted to talk to me about some of the things I'd written on Twitter and my blog," she said. "She said that some of the things that I’d written could have upset or offended transgender people. So could I please stop writing things like that and perhaps I could remove those posts and tweets?"

The British lady did not just meekly acquiesce to the pressure. "I asked the officer if she agreed that free speech was important," Ms. Nelson recalled. "She said it was. I said that in that case, she’d understand that I wouldn’t be removing the posts or stopping saying the things I think. She accepted that and that was the end of the conversation."

In a tweet after the fact, Suffolk Police explained why they made the call. "Hi Margaret, we had a number of people contact us on social media about the comments made online," the police station's web team tweeted. "A follow-up call was made for no other reason than to raise awareness of the complaints. Kind regards, Web Team."

Ms. Nelson, formerly a humanist celebrant and local newspaper reporter, has made her opposition to transgender identity abundantly clear. Her blog "Dead Interesting" includes many posts about the difference between biological sex and gender identity, and emphasizes the fact that gender identity cannot change a person's biology.