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Top Ten Reasons to Be Nostalgic for Obama

Obama contemplating

A few days ago was Obama’s 57th birthday. In addition to it being his birthday, it was the first official Obama Day in the state of Illinois. You may have noticed #ObamaDay trending on Twitter. Many people, including trusted celebrities, took to tweeting about just how much they missed the 44th president. Some of my favorite tweets are the following:

And who can blame them for missing Obama? I can’t. In fact, in honor of Obama’s birthday, I’ve listed some of the most significant things that Americans (regular people and celebrities alike) can mutually look back on with nostalgia. The good old days may be gone, but at least we can remember them, and our selfless former leader, Barack Obama, with sincere sentimentality.

10. Debt

Ahh, remember when massive, unsustainable debt was cool because Obama did it? When he took office in 2009 his answer to the recession was to spend, spend, spend… and spend he did. For the next three years America had deficits over $1 trillion with very little to show for it. The recession officially ended in June 2009, but the actual recovery was the slowest since the Great Depression. Wages remained low and flat. Who wouldn’t miss that?

9. Poverty

Obviously the Obama years broke quite a few records. The next record Obama achieved was breaking a 50-year record on poverty. During the Obama years, we had three consecutive years of the poverty level standing at 15 percent, and Obama left office with more people on food stamps than there were when he took office.  Food stamp usage reached a record 47 million people while Obama was in office.

8. Gross Domestic Product

It really does take incredible leadership to achieve so many records during your time in office, and Obama has another one that he must be very proud of. Obama is the only president in U.S. history to have never had a single year of 3.0 percent or greater annual GDP growth. I’m sure he never expected to achieve this accolade, but achieve it he did. Also, the only presidents to have have lower average growth rates during their presidencies were Herbert Hoover, Andrew Johnson, and Teddy Roosevelt.