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Top Six Unhinged Reactions to Kavanaugh Nomination

Rep. Nancy Pelosi conducts a news conference in the Capitol to announce part of the Democrats' "A Better Deal," plan that would increase teachers' pay and make investments in schools.

The floodgates burst open Monday night when President Trump announced his selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be his second Supreme Court justice appointment and liberal tears spilled out all over the internet.

Twitter, as always, was the best place to look for unhinged histrionics from the left.

Here are some of the best reactions of "the Resistance" on Twitter:

  • Terry McAuliffe: Lives will be threatened!

Former Virginia governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe is pretty sure people are going to die if Judge Kavanaugh, a Catholic charities volunteer, parish lector, and girls' basketball coach, gets on the court.

Did I mention this man was once the governor of Virginia?

  • Chris Murphy: He's a radical, you guys!

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) calls the mainstream constitutional jurist "a true Second Amendment radical" who is "way outside of the judicial mainstream."

National Review's court watcher, Ed Whelan, begs to differ:

Judge Kavanaugh, 53 years old, has compiled an outstanding record during his twelve years on the federal court of appeals in D.C. On what is commonly regarded as the second-most-important court in the country, he has confronted a vast array of consequential constitutional and statutory issues and has written strong, influential opinions. His positions in numerous dissents were later adopted by Supreme Court majorities.

  • Bernie Sanders: "Reactionary nominee" will be rubberstamp for "extreme, right-wing agenda pushed by corporations and billionaires." We gotsta "mobilize!"

I doubt even Karl Marx himself sounded this stridently Marxist during his heyday.

  • Nancy Pelosi: nomination is "a destructive tool" that will "radically reverse the course of American justice & democracy":

Yikes, that sounds really bad. Are we sure we're talking about the same man? Church lector, tutor, volunteer who serves meals to the homeless, kids' basketball coach?