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Today in the Breaking News from 2014

Today there seem to be several big stories: immigration, immigration, immigration, oh, and immigration. So let's look at some of the other news.

The Inspector General's Report and Congressional Hearings

The inspector general's report came out and there were extensive hearings on the report. As Victor Davis Hanson points out, there were a lot of very interesting things that came out of the report. Did you hear about them?

Unemployment Claims Down Again

Today's unemployment report came out. There were 218,000 new claims, when there were expected to be 220,000. Unemployment is now lower than it has been since 1969, and might well go down more. Did it make the TV news?

Wages Up

Oh, and wages are going up. Although while CNBC reports it as the strongest wage growth in two years, the Washington Post reports it's "lousy". Do you remember wage growth being called "lousy" in 2016? But if it's lousy now when it's the highest in two years, wasn't it even lousier then?

International Trade

Daimler-Benz has begun asking the EU to consider canceling auto tariffs in response to Trump's tariffs. While there's been a lot of talk about the tariffs, there was less talk about Trump proposing a bidirectional free-trade agreement with the EU. Which is what Daimler-Benz is now asking for, and what Richard Grenell is now pitching to the EU.

Cybersecurity 'Stand Down' Order

We also found out, as a result of the IG report, that the U.S. -- by direction of Susan Rice, Obama's National Security Adversary -- stood down from cybersecurity efforts directed against the Russians. Of course, Trump wasn't president then.

That's okay. I expect a flood of headlines to the effect of "President Ordered Stand Down on Russian Cyber Attacks" today. With which president buried below the fold.

(I didn't even have time to publish:)

And Then There's Immigration

Seriously, it's a bummer. But get a grip: the material that's being sent around showing horrible conditions? It's almost all from 2016 or earlier, or of facilities that Brandon Darby was reporting in 2014. The crying child in the cage? He was part of a demonstration; that's not a government-issue cage. His parents put him in the cage for a photo opportunity. In 2014.

Glenn Back was reporting on it in 2014. So was Darby at Breitbart. Oh, and the "cages" -- they were there in 2014 too.