Tim Ryan: The Democratic Party Has a 'Perception Problem' as 'Coastal, Elitist'

In the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) slammed his party for being out of touch with Midwesterners and working people.

"We have a perception problem in the Democrat Party," Ryan admitted. "We have got to change the center of gravity from being coastal, elitist and Ivy League to a party that is on the side of workers. If we don't focus on workers, none of this change will happen."

He insisted that Democrats will not win unless they "address that fundamental problem."

Ryan is correct, but that "perception problem" is rooted in the Democratic Party's increasing radicalism on issues such as abortion, climate change, intersectionality, and more.

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election arguably for this exact reason, and Democrats are not fixing it.

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