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This S.C. Pawn Shop's New Sign Trolling Dick's Sporting Goods Over AR-15s Is Right on Target

guns second amendment south carolina pawn shot dick's sporting goods ar-15

Dick's Sporting Goods has made news by taking up the cause of increasing gun control, despite the fact that they sell guns and cater to a market that is made up of hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, and, generally speaking, people who are likely to be gun owners.

There has been fallout, both from customers and from gun manufacturers. And notably and hilariously, a pawn shop in South Carolina.

From Fox News:

A pawn shop in South Carolina has poked fun at Dick’s Sporting Goods with a sign advertising the business sells assault rifles unlike the major retailer.

The Crossroads Pawn and Audio in Little River, S.C., put up a sign last week stating, “We sell AR-15’s because we’re not Dick’s.”

This. Is. Hilarious. See for yourself.

Pawn Shop Guns Second Amendment Dick's Sporting Goods AR-15 Crossroads Pawn Shop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina takes a shot at Dick's Sporting Goods with new sign. (image via Facebook)

It's not just that it's a great play on words (hey they are asking for puns with that name), it's that it's really capitalizing on a message failure by Dick's.

Like with Yeti coolers, Dick's is running counter to their own target audience. This pawn shop isn't just making the most of those dissed customers, it's making a statement.

That's pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment, pro-capitalism, and amusing to boot. All of which means they'll surely be getting a lot of hate on their Facebook page.

But it's totally worth it.