There's One Huge Irony Gun-Rights Activists at Virginia Rally Keep Pointing Out

Gun-rights activists from all over the country have converged on Richmond, Va., for "Lobby Day." The Virginia Citizens Defense League, the state's largest gun-rights group, hosts the lobbying day every year.

But this year is different. Tens of thousands of Americans have come as part of a show of support for law-abiding gun owners whose rights are being threatened by the Democrats who now hold solid majorities in the legislature and governor's mansion.


But one thing activists have noticed. There's a fence around the building limiting the number of people who can go in. No weapons are allowed, even though Virginia is an open-carry state.

Lawmaker Nick Freitas says it's the only time that Democrats believe in a wall to keep people out.

The well-behaved crowd is separated by a fence into two groups. Those who are carrying as usual and those who have been disarmed and fenced in, which is called the "freedom zone," according to a Minnesota gun-rights activist who came to video the event.

Memes about this "freedom zone" are making the rounds:


The crowd quieted for a few moments to sing the "Star-Spangled Banner."

A gun-rights activist from Ohio said during his livestream on Facebook what many were thinking:

"Thousands of people and probably tens of thousands of guns. It's the safest place in America!"

Unless Virginia Democrats have their way.