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Their Finest Hour?

What more do you need to know about the difference between Eastern and Western Europe in 2018? When Donald Trump visited Poland last July, he was greeted with wall-to-wall cheers, a sea of American flags, and enthusiastic chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” When he goes to Britain on Thursday, he'll supposedly be welcomed by massive protests and “a giant 'Trump Baby' balloon” floating in the skies over central London -- a puerile insult for which Sadiq Khan, that city's Trump-hating mayor, has approved a permit (even as his police force has refused to allow a pro-Trump rally during the presidential visit). This in a country where Members of Parliament from all parties, it will be remembered, argued after his election victory for him to be banned from the UK.

In a June 29 piece for PJ Media, I asked: “What's Wrong with Britain?” These days, when it comes to appeasing Islam, hating Trump, and shutting down freedom, the UK seems determined to outdo every other country in Europe. Yes, there are exceptions. PJ Media reported the other day that for the duration of the visit, the Jameson Pub in London will rename itself the Trump Pub to show the president that he has “a big fan club in London.” Well, that's one pub out of about 3,600. Similarly, the rock star Morrissey has spoken up for Tommy Robinson and given a thumbs-up to Anne Marie Waters' For Britain Party. Terrific -- but how many other British celebrities agree?

We're constantly reminded that London isn't the UK, any more than Hollywood is America. Katie Hopkins insists that once you get out of London, ordinary Brits are just like red-state Americans, rejecting the capital's insidious leftism, EU fandom, Trump-bashing, and Islam-love. It was these regular folks, we're reminded, who voted for Brexit. Well, okay. Then again, take note that Sadiq Khan isn't Britain's only Muslim mayor. Of England's 300-odd mayors, about thirty, or ten percent, are Muslim -- this in a country that's about four percent Muslim. The other day, one of those mayors, Sheffield's 28-year-old Somali-born Magid Magid, actually banned Trump from his city (not that Trump had planned to go there anyway, but still).

Recall, too, that all those grooming-gang scandals -- in which local authorities were revealed to have spent years, even decades, covering up the fact that packs of young Muslims were making sex slaves out of thousands of pre-teen non-Muslim girls -- occurred in localities like Rotherham, Rochdale, Peterborough, Newcastle, Oxford, Bristol, and Telford. A relative of mine who lives in one of those leafy rural counties of southern England that have remained relatively untouched by the Islamic invasion -- and that still bear something of a resemblance to the Agatha Christie-like settings of Midsomer Murders (where homicide is a quaint matter involving vicars, tea shops, and local cricket matches, not fanatical fathers and mothers committing honor killings) -- despises Trump and cherishes England's multiculturalism.