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The Moving Finger Fingers Our 'Moral Betters'

As the skulls of Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor are added to the ever-growing pile collected by the #metoo and #sohardtobeawoman feminists, this libertarian is starting to wonder if there will be any straight, normal testosterone males remaining on the left -- so it’s time to inject a little sanity.

Let me say right up front that I’m not an idiot, and I know I will be told I’m victim blaming.

My answer to that is, “Sure am. Not a problem.” The trendy way of shutting up any complaints of women not behaving in any sensible way is not going to work with me.

I’ve been observing the dynamic of victim worship in America for three decades. Call it an outgrowth of rooting for the underdog.  It’s nauseating. About ten years ago I realized new writers (and some not so new) thought that if someone was a victim, he was by nature sainted. They wouldn’t bother to develop a character beyond “he/she is a victim” and we were supposed to accord all virtues to this creation.

I didn’t like it in fiction, and I like it even less in real life.

Victims can be victims – real victims, tormented by real suffering – without being in any way good people, or even someone you want to touch with a ten-foot pole. In fact, any veteran police officer will tell you that habitual victims and habitual criminals are often drawn from the same group, where amoral victimization is the norm. There are also historical figures like Robespierre, who sent many a person to the guillotine before he too was devoured by it.

So, what does this have to do with the real victimization of women, often verifiable, mostly done by gentlemen of the left?

A lot.

First, let me say I’m not excusing these miserable excuses for males. Most of them knew what they were doing. Most of them, for whatever reason, think of themselves as both invincible and incredibly attractive. Like Bill Clinton, they think they’re entitled to a “little something-something” for “doing so much for women." This mostly translates into abortion rights, something that mostly facilitates men fooling around without the consequences catching up to them (which might be a discussion for another time). Or perhaps Bill Clinton never thought that and was just acting on his uncontrollable frat boy libido, while the feminists who enabled him and cheered him on thought that. Which brings us full circle 'round again.

What happened in most of these cases is extortion and abuse of power. Almost all of the fields where this happened are highly oligarchic and controlled by the left. The males who rose to power in it, mostly by mouthing feminist platitudes, were, therefore, left with unchecked power over the careers of a lot of women.