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The Morning Briefing: What Happened at the DOJ-Congress Meeting Yesterday and Much, Much More

Good Friday morning.

Here's what is on the President's agenda today:

  • The president participates in the United States Naval Academy Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony
  • President Trump meets with the secretary of State

I have a holiday weekend version of the Morning Briefing for you today.

About that SPYgate meeting...

Yesterday congressional leaders met with DOJ and intelligence officials to obtain information about the agency's rogue, unchecked investigation into RUSSIA collusion and the 2016 presidential campaign. As I predicted immediately upon hearing about this meeting, there was no document production. We don't know much about the meeting because classified information was discussed, but one person did make a statement. Guess who that was? Mr. Adam Schiff.

“Nothing we heard today has changed our view, that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the FBI, or any intelligence agency, placed a spy in the Trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols," said Schiff.

But the left and their flying monkeys have taken up the narrative that there was no spying; they are playing a game of semantic polka. There was at least one person kanoodling with obscure Trump campaign volunteers in an effort to gain information and pass that information along to the CIA and FBI. That is what we call a spy. And we learned about the NOTSPY from The New York Times and The Washington Post, not from Republican leaks. The committees didn't even know about the NOTSPY, that's why they are asking for documents. So who did know about the NOTSPY? The DOJ and the FBI knew -- they are the leakers.

Noted liar and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has objected to President Trump "distorting" his remarks about the NOTSPY.

“I mean this is George Orwell — up is down, black is white, peace is war. That's exactly what I didn't say,” Clapper told Axios on Thursday.

“I took aversion to the word spy, it was the most benign version of information gathering. The important thing is the whole reason the FBI was doing this was concern over what the Russians were doing to infiltrate the campaign, not spying on the campaign,”

“Of course, he turned that completely upside-down in his tweet, as he is wont to do,” Clapper added.

Never forget that Clapper lies under oath about surveilling American citizens. Also remember that Clapper and his harpies who were so concerned about RUSSIAN influence on Trump could not be bothered to warn the campaign about the RUSSIANS' efforts.

Back to the meeting: the left, the Democrats and the media are also upset that President Trump's lawyer Emmet Flood and Chief of Staff John Kelly were at the meeting. The two men weren't really at the meeting, they just made a statement at the beginning of the meeting and then left. The Hill saves this fact for the end of their story on the topic, preferring to run a misleading headline that the two men were present for the whole briefing.