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The Morning Briefing: RUSSIA, DACA, Net Neutrality and Much, Much More

Good Thursday morning.

Here's what is on the president's agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the secretary of defense
  • President Trump meets with the secretary general of NATO
  • The president participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the secretary general of NATO

Lots of jibber-jabber on the RUSSIA-collusion front

As you read stories about the Trump Tower transcripts, remember that Natalia Veselnitskaya (RUSSIAN) was a client of Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the salacious and unverified dossier. Remember that Glenn Simpson met with Veselnitskaya right before and after the Trump Tower meeting. Crazy coincidence, right?

Senate releases interview transcripts from Trump Tower investigation. Read them at the link.

Not really. New Documents: Trump Tower Meeting Participant Apparently Accuses Donald Trump Jr. of ‘Admitting to Collusion’

Senate committee agrees with intelligence community assessment of election meddling, breaking with GOP House investigation

What Paul Manafort’s Trump Tower notes mean

Miscellaneous RUSSIA-collusion roundup

The New York Times has an awful, biased, misleading story: Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation. The piece is really a propaganda/PR piece for the intelligence community, extolling their virtues and how they toiled and battled with ethical dilemmas over the Clinton and Trump investigations. Gimme a break. It's so obvious an attempt to get out in front of whatever will be revealed in the IG report.

Yesterday we learned the FBI acknowledged it can't indict a sitting president because they want you to know that they would indict Trump but they can't. Of course we have no evidence of any crimes that Trump would be indicted for, yet CNN reports its wishcasting:

That conclusion is likely based on longstanding Justice Department guidelines. It is not about any assessment of the evidence Mueller's team has compiled.

A lack of an indictment would not necessarily mean the President is in the clear. Mueller could issue a report making referrals or recommendations to the House of Representatives.


They ignored the offer, but ABC News left that out of the headline: Russian social media giant offered pro-Trump effort during campaign

Leaker of Michael Cohen’s financial records makes another explosive accusation

Russian company playing hardball with Mueller's team

Senate passes net neutrality

Big tech money, yo'.

Senate Democrats approved a measure to quash the Federal Communications Commission's plan to overturn so-called net neutrality rules.

But major hurdles still face supporters of net neutrality, the principle that Internet Service Providers should give consumers access to all legal content and applications on an equal basis, not favoring some sources or blocking others.

Three Republicans crossed over to vote with the Democrats to drag the bill the across the finish line: Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine; Sen. John Kennedy, R-La.; and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. Thanks, guys.