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The Morning Briefing: Hurricane Michael, Michelle Obama, and Much, Much More

Thank God it's Friday...

...and pray for the victims of Hurricane Michael.

The first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in Florida's Panhandle since 1851, Hurricane Michael is the third most-powerful hurricane to hit the mainland United States. Top winds reached 155 miles per hour, roughly 375,000 people were warned to evacuate, and roughly 1 million customers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina were without power at one point, CBS News reported.

At least six people have been confirmed dead, including an 11-year-old girl who was killed when a carport blew through the roof of her home.

Nearly 6,700 people took refuge in 54 Florida shelters, and 47 people were helped out of hard-hit areas around the Florida coastline. Resources are ready — there are 2 million ready-to-eat meals, 1 million gallons of water, and 400,000 10-pount bags of ice ready for distribution.

Michael hit North and South Carolina as a tropical storm with heavy downpours.

In the midst of this disaster, The Guardian runs this headline:

Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers | John Abraham

The article's description: "Elections have consequences. Denying science has consequences. And we are reaping what we sow."

People are dying, and The Guardian is blaming political opponents of climate change legislation. John Abraham declared his absolute certainty that human beings are responsible for this storm:

We know that climate change is making these storms stronger. The storms feed off of warm ocean waters, and those waters are much warmer now because of climate change. I have written about the science in more detail here and here. But basically, Michael strengthened because it passed over really warm waters. Waters that were hotter because of human-caused warming.

Interestingly, climate alarmists are quick to blame natural disasters on the economic engine of progress that has enabled unprecedented prosperity for people across the globe, but they hesitate to mention the many failed predictions based on their models. Sea levels have not been rising as predicted — thanks to "thirsty continents." September 26, 2018 came and went, and the Maldives are not under water.

In reality, we do not know exactly how much the burning of fossil fuels has impacted the global climate. That's why predictions fail — climate is not an exact science. Yet activists continue to insist that we know, with 100 percent certainty — that human beings are 100 percent responsible for the alterations in global climate. It is possible that fossil fuels are causing climate change, but earth has been warmer than it is today, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has also been higher.

Most importantly, when climate change celebrity Bill Nye argued that hurricanes are getting worse because "the more heat energy in the atmosphere strengthens the storms," a real meteorologist shot him down, calling out his "fake science."