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The Luciferian Left

The minions of the Left will never stop in their efforts to undermine the Republic. They will try everything -- historical revisionism, bald-face lies, blatant slander, racial discord, judicial usurpation of presidential authority, political witch hunts, voter fraud, illegal immigration, climate change, green energy, media disinformation, open borders, transnational globalism -- to impose a vision on the world that in every attempt, without exception, has led inexorably to tyranny, state-sanctioned murder, economic collapse and human misery.

The lessons of history have no meaning for them. They regard themselves as uniquely exempt from the past, as if they will triumph where their predecessors have miscarried and aborted. This is why the Left cannot be treated with or engaged in reasonable discourse. No counter-argument, no matter how factual, how meticulously researched, how rational or sensible, can ever hope to gain purchase on minds steeped in ideological prejudice or influence hearts shadowed by moral darkness.

Proponents of one of the most vicious oxymorons of the day -- democratic socialism -- the Left will lobby for income redistribution, social projects that cannot be paid for, a command economy, the equality-of-outcomes program at the expense of merit, the unkeepable promise of “free stuff” for all, the assault on traditional marriage, the glorifying of radical feminism, the attack on the Constitution, the shutting down of debate, digital “deplatforming” of opinion, the imposition of an info monopoly, and of course the insemination of socialist doctrine and anti-American calumny into the minds of the young and the naive. All such projects are plainly associated with the Democratic Party.

Along with such efforts and programs, we should also count the promoting of identity politics. As Dinesh D’Souza convincingly shows in his recently released Death of a Nation, the Democrats were “the political champions of slavery” and have today shifted their original ethos into a system of “multicultural plantations involving every ethnic minority group,” especially Black, Hispanic and Native American. One might also add the Islamic enclave to the list. This is “slavery” of another stamp, economic and entitlement indenture to assist, by the amassing of votes, in the Left’s takeover of the nation.

Its mandate is Luciferian, as Saul Alinsky in the dedication to his influential and seditious manual Rules for Radicals has made clear. His Lucifer is not Milton’s. It is Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and other such be-slimed specimens of humanity -- not a fallen angel but a risen devil. It is George Soros and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, “Prada socialists” who would bring a great nation to ruin. It should not be permitted to operate unhindered under the rubric of democratic freedom. If it cannot realize its diabolical mission by revolutionary violence, its intent is to erode a democratic polity from within.