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The Lefty Lies About a World Without Borders


My husband recently noticed a lot of movies with the UN in a positive role, and basically a world-government role.

Even though Husband is largely apolitical, this made him snort. Because even people who are mostly apolitical know the disaster that child-trafficking, aid-stealing UN “troops” are, at least when they’re not just U.S. troops flying the blue flag. (What is it with the blue flags, btw? That’s the EU too. Would white be too on the nose?)

I told him that’s because the left always telegraphs their intentions. Before they were ready for Hilary!, for instance, they made movies and wrote books about a president that was basically Hillary for at least a decade and probably more. (I don’t watch TV and movies, save for odd jags, usually years after they first came out, so the actual release years are fuzzy.)

And right now the left is so near that one-world-government, no-borders, give peace a chance, John Lennon’s "Imagine" world that they can taste it.

Or so they think. Of course, they’re nowhere near it. What they are actually enabling is the plundering of the first world by the third and the destruction of civilization and the engine of creation and production that has lifted most of the world population to a level our ancestors would consider unimaginable wealth. (Yes, even most of the third world is richer than, say, Elizabethan England. But never mind that.)

The problem is that for many years now, the West has been leftist in spots and in voice.

What I mean is, while most people don’t live like the left imagines everyone should, the people who don’t live that way don’t have a voice in the media, in entertainment or in academia. And the ones who do all speak in the voice of the left.

This could easily branch out into why a truly free press and truly free public opinions are needed. And no, we haven’t had that anywhere in the west at any time in my life. If you voice opinions that dissent from the leftist choir, you will be punished. Or as the left says, ideas have consequences. Of course, they are right, ideas do, but opinions shouldn’t. What I mean is if you think we should eat children under the age of three and you carry that idea out, the consequences will be horrific. But if you have that opinion and never put it into action but just get shouted down and called names, the opinion has no consequences. It certainly shouldn’t get you run out of your job untangling paper clips. And it shouldn’t run your wife out of her job cleaning offices (though CPS might want to take away any children you produce). However, that’s a subject for a whole other article.