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The Left’s Reaction to Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Is Over-the-Top Unhinged

Legal scholars and the media had predicted for some time that Justice Anthony Kennedy might retire after this term. However, after Kennedy informed the Trump administration he was retiring, even the most keen observers likely didn’t realize how the progressive left would respond to that news. Liberal pundits, comedians, media and more have reacted with utter horror at the idea that Kennedy would dare to step down at such a time as this. From expressing feelings of rage and hopelessness to even wishing death and worrying about whether abortion might become illegal again, the left has outdone themselves with their unhinged responses. Here is a sampling of Twitter reactions:

I don’t know who this gentlemen is—he doesn’t appear to be a member of the media—but his tweet was so downtrodden and hopeless, it earned a spot.

Many liberals fear that with Kennedy gone, a Trump replacement will ensure that eventually Roe v. Wade will be overturned. Whether that’s likely remains to be seen, but that didn’t stop frantic conjecture.

Some progressives are so articulate in their expressions of hate, loss, and exasperation over Kennedy’s retirement that they just couldn’t help but blurt out their feelings. (Warning: contains graphic language.)

Finally, one gentleman just wished that Justice Kennedy, who served faithfully for three decades (probably almost as long as this guy has been alive), would have just been killed.

Therapy recommendations for these folks would be appreciated.