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The Left's Ideas for Saving America's Soul Are Instead About Selling It

When I was young, the American Right was the group most associated with trying to legislate morality. Now, decades later, the tides have changed. The left is trying to use its morality as a bludgeon to force people to submit to their progressive politics.

An op-ed at the Salt Lake Tribune presents seven ways to "save America's soul," a claim that certain moral choices are the only way to protect America's goodness. The piece completely ignores the moral arguments against these seven, trying to make the case that Leftism can't be debated because the opposition is inherently evil by definition.

I'm going to address each one. From the op-ed:

1. Abortion rights for women must be supported. While abortions should be legal and rare, the solution is to make unwanted pregnancy rare. Quality sex education in school and easy access to contraception would help. Let’s put abortion clinics out of business by taking away the need for them!

Let's start with a bang.

Look, I'd like to see the demand for abortion reduced to zero. However, let's also face the fact that abortion activists aren't actually working toward making abortion unnecessary. They're encouraging people to get abortions, and demanding the American taxpayer help foot the bill.

Contraception is already incredibly easy to access.

County health clinics provide birth control pills for those who can't afford them, though they are available at pharmacies for less than $10 a month. Condoms can be found inexpensively in every drug store in the country, and are also provided for free at clinics.

How much "easier" could the access possibly be?

And yet, there's still a demand for abortion.

So let's not pretend that supporting abortion rights has anything to do with eliminating them.

2. There can be no compromise on equal rights for all. Everyone should have equal rights and protection under the law!

The problem, of course, is that the Left simply does not want equal rights. They want superior rights granted based on DNA.

They lash out at men or "whiteness" for causing whatever ills they decide are relevant at that moment, calling for men to lose their jobs and even property simply because of their existence.

These people don't want equal rights. They want to reverse the sins of the past by creating new state-enforced inequality, so they can exact some form of revenge.

How is that good for America's soul?

3. With immigration, there are areas for compromise. But like abortion, let’s reduce the need for immigration. Most people who want to immigrate are doing it for economic and security reasons. Instead of them fleeing bad situations, let’s do a better job of helping those people and their governments with these issues. Foreign aid for these kinds of projects has been decreasing. That is shortsighted. Good people are leaving these bad situations. Let’s help them stay and make those countries more successful!