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The Left Pounces on Kavanaugh's Graphic Questions for Clinton During Starr Probe

On Monday, the National Archives released a memo from Brett Kavanaugh proposing graphic sex questions to then-President Bill Clinton involving Monica Lewinsky. Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's second Supreme Court nominee, urged independent counsel Kenneth Starr's legal team not to give Clinton any "break" on the issue. Liberals pounced on the memo as evidence of a double standard between Trump and Clinton.

"I am strongly opposed to giving the President any ‘break’ in the questioning regarding the details of the Lewinsky relationship — unless before his questioning on Monday, he either (i) resigns or (ii) confesses perjury and issues a public apology to you," Kavanaugh wrote in a two-page memo to Starr's team, two days before Clinton's grand jury testimony in 1998. The Washington Post first reported the memo.

Kavanaugh claimed to have tried to defend Clinton, but could find no justification for the former president's behavior. "I have tried to bend over backwards and to be fair to him and to think of all reasonable defenses to his pattern of behavior. In the end, I am convinced that there really are none. The idea of going easy on hm at the questioning is thus abhorrent to me," the lawyer wrote.

"The President has disgraced his Office, the legal system, and the American people by having sex with a 22-year-old intern and turning her life into a shambles — callous and disgusting behavior that has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle," Kavanaugh wrote. "He has tried to disgrace you and this Office with a sustained propaganda campaign that would make Nixon blush."

Kavanaugh's memo went on to ask graphic sexual questions about Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky.

"If Monica Lewinsky says that you inserted a cigar into her vagina while you were in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?" Kavanaugh wrote in a proposed question to Clinton. "If Monica Lewinsky says that on several occasions in the Oval Office area, you used your fingers to stimulate her vagina and bring her to orgasm, would she be lying?"

"If Monica Lewinsky says that she gave you oral sex on nine occasions in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?"

Liberals pounced on what they claimed to be a double standard between this line of questioning and Kavanaugh's presumed silence on President Donald Trump's indiscretions.

"Brett Kavanaugh wanted to ask Clinton if he ejaculated into Monica Lewinsky’s mouth 9 times, & if he masturbating in his secretary’s trash can. Does he think current president should be asked about his sex acts, which he paid women to be silent about?" tweeted Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large at HuffPost.