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The Left Performs Exorcisms of the Right's Ideas

Yesterday I found myself – in my own conference on Facebook, where politics (and religion. I’m not sure which one this was, even) are forbidden – being confronted by someone who thought he had brilliant insights about what “rightists” should do to improve themselves.

Apparently, and I expect this will surprise you as much as it surprises me, we’re supposed to give up Jew-hatred, woman-hatred and love for neo-Nazis before we’re fit for polite company. I’ll add that, in an effort to be bipartisan, he admitted that the left should give up Jew-hatred as well.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and as a first sally, pointed out that the left should also give up man-hatred. In the way of the left, he then said something about Richard Spencer (?) and yelling Heil Trump.

Did anyone ever, seriously yell Heil Trump, other than that guy in the theater in NYC who was a Trump opponent? Because if they did, they really need Thorazine, since Trump is neither German nor, well… anything close to Hitler. No matter how much the left insists he is.

I then pointed out that I wasn’t going to disown neo-Nazis because I never owned them. I’m “right” in the way that Americans are right wing, i.e. with a strong emphasis on individual liberty, not "blood and soil," as it is in Europe.

I never got to refuting the “woman-hatred” because, well, think about it. Yes, I know the left say I’m self-hating. It must be nice to be in possession of a philosophy that can’t be falsified or contradicted by reality. (Except, of course, that reality always wins.) And as for Jew-hatred on the right… Well, I’m sure there are right-wing groups in the U.S. that hate Jews. I’m sure of this because there are 300 million people in the U.S. There is some group, no matter how small, who believes anything you care to mention, up to and not excluding those who think wearing shoe polish on your nose makes you taller. But it’s also a fact that we’re not the ones calling for an end to Israel. Note that I’m not including the alt-right, which seems to hate every group that… No, wait, every group. Depending on how they define the group that should be entitled to belong in the U.S., which depends on the forum/group, pretty much everyone is excluded. I’m not including them because they’re not the American right wing. They’re pale imitations of their European blood-and-soil counterparts who are so weirdly devoted to being just like Europe that they refuse to realize such a philosophy is impossible in our very, very mixed country.

The latest nonsense that drifted across my sight about who is a “real” American demands that the person be descended on all sides from ancestors who were here since the American Revolution. All six of them. Seriously. If you think there are more than that, you haven’t thought things through. My husband has a large number of ancestors who were here since the founding. But if you look into each of the lines that feed into the main lineage you’ll find far more recent Irish and German immigrants. And my sons have me.