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The Left Needs Nazis


Today a friend shared this photo, which had been shared by a no-longer-as-of-today friend of hers on Facebook. Not to endorse it, but to show how crazy people have gotten. You see, my friend, thinking that her friend was misinformed, or perhaps too technologically incompetent to use TinEye, used TinEye and shared with the poster the information that this picture is from the Obama era and is simply Border Patrol processing central American immigrants at the border.

Yes, the child is clinging to her mother (actually I suspect sister, but never mind) as toddlers do when faced with a stranger. It doesn’t mean that the kid is particularly scared of the officer, or that she’s being separated or any of that crap.

To my friend’s surprise, her comment telling the poster the true origins of the photo was deleted, and the inflammatory post was left up.

I will do a post later on perverse incentives, bringing your kids into a country where they’ll be “illegal” and be encouraged to think of themselves as victims and other issues.

I’ll be frank with you, I’m not even absolutely sure that Trump is separating kids from their parents at the border. You see, I’ve been finishing overdue work and dealing with a double ear infection and even political junkies take a break sometimes. And now I’m afraid to look because most of what I’ve read is bilge from the left.

I hope he is, because it’s really strong deterrence and we need all sorts of deterrence. Also, we’ll look into the judgment of Solomon as a guide for our times.

But right now I just want to call your attention to that hashtag and site: #NaziUSA.

Really? Really?

As we all know, the terrible crimes of Hitler consisted of separating children from parents who were trying to drag them illegally into Nazi Germany, that magnet for illegal immigration worldwide, right?

No? Well, then I got nothing.

Because you can see scenes like the one depicted at borders all over the world, and yes, many countries would separate kids from the parents, that is if they didn’t send the kids into Third World jails with their parents.

So, why the Nazi comparison?

I don’t think there has been a single elected Republican president in my lifetime that the left wasn’t absolutely convinced was Hitler come again.

Which is stupid. George Bush was a soft socialist, but Hitler was not soft on socialism.

Sure, Nazis were nationalists and Republicans are the relatively nationalist party. Not being actively ashamed of your country and trying to protect it is not precisely nationalism. Trust someone who was born and lived till about 10 under a national socialist regime. True nationalism involves a narrative on how your people are the bestest ever and have always dominated the world. I challenge you to find such a narrative, even in our school books. Furthermore, Nazis were nationalists in a definitely blood-and-soil way, including all the myths of the Aryan race. (National socialists in Portugal were very proud of the “Portuguese race” or “Lusitanians.” Lusitanians were one tribe in ancestral Portugal, and as for the “Portuguese race”… Portuguese have a race. It’s called “Mutt.”)