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The Hate Agenda of the Left

Last week, the New York Times published an opinion piece by Gerard Alexander, an associate professor of politics at the University of Virginia, titled, “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.” The piece is an intriguing analysis of how liberals are hurting their own cause by presuming their mental and moral superiority, and thus, are inviting significant backlash against their favored agenda. The prime example is how liberals use their virtual monopoly in the media and the entertainment industry to ruthlessly bash Trump. They're very protective of this monopoly as their goal is ideological segregation. Any signs of diversity of thought are met with disgust and hatred. The most recent example is probably the demonization of Kayne West for his support of Donald Trump.

Does this propaganda work? Not really, according to Professor Alexander. “When [liberals] use their positions in American culture to lecture, judge, and disdain, they push more people into an opposing coalition that liberals are increasingly prone to think of as deplorable.”

Liberals have gotten so used to their values dominating popular culture that even the absence of explicit support for left-wing politics merits criticism. Many left-wing voices criticized the hit indie film Juno for being anti-abortion because the teenage protagonist of the movie chooses to give her unborn baby up for adoption rather than have an abortion. Taylor Swift has been attacked for not using her fame as a pop singer to denounce Trump. During the Obama years, Hollywood made an attempt to promote Obamacare by weaving pro-Obamacare storylines into popular television programs. For the left, if entertainment is not leftist propaganda, it’s not entertaining. They’ve become ideological bullies, demanding every facet of life be a front in a partisan culture war. The concept of microaggressions—word choices that risk “triggering" negative feelings in supposedly oppressed minority groups—gives them easy access to every cultural sphere. Anywhere words are spoken, clothing is worn, or thoughts are exchanged becomes fair game.

Leftists ruthlessly smash their way to ideological purity because they are not prepared to handle any ideas outside their partisan bubble. Diversity of thought is anathema to them, and the strategy they’ve chosen is to align anything with which they disagree with the worst qualities of humankind. They constantly argue that conservatives should not have the right to voice their opinions. By labeling everyone who disagrees with them a bigot, racist, sexist, etc., they justify discrimination or violence against them. Trump supporters have been assaulted just for being Trump supporters. This isn’t just activists on the fringe either. A Manhattan Supreme Court justice recently threw out a case against a New York City bar that had thrown out a Trump hat-wearing customer… for being a Trump supporter. In 2016, a Harvard professor argued that pro-life Christians should be treated like Nazis. The left has failed to recognize that their actions over the past two years are the epitome of the hate they claim to oppose.