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'The Brady Bunch' House Is on the Market!

If you grew up adoring The Brady Bunch (and wishing that Carol and Mike Brady would just adopt you and ask you to move into their big home with their giant brood), you aren't alone. But that decades-old wish might not be so far-fetched after all. Brady fans across the nation are jumping for joy as the Brady home, in Studio City, Calif. (outside of Los Angeles), has just gone on the market. And if you have a cool $2 million, it could be yours.

While the interior scenes of the house on the beloved show were shot on a sound stage in Hollywood, the exterior shots featured in the opening and closing were of a home on Dilling Street.

According to ABC 7, this is the first time the home has been on the market in almost 50 years. Current owners George and Violet McCallister bought it for $61,000 in 1973. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom split-level is being listed for $1.885 million, and the McCallister's are reportedly giving preference to buyers who promise not to tear down the historic home.

With all of those Brady's living there, you have to ask yourself how they (and Alice, of course) would have ever fit in a two-bedroom house?!