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The 50 Biggest Conservative Accounts on Twitter

Compiling a list of the biggest conservatives on Twitter is harder than you may think, especially if you want it to be meaningful. For one thing, we definitely could have arguments about whether some of these people qualify as conservative. On that front, I tried to err on the side of inclusivity, but there are right-of-center people who might make a list of Republicans or moderates, but who just aren’t conservatives in any meaningful sense or who, alternately, do nothing but sandbag other conservatives. I left them out. Also, as to conservative celebrities, before I added any of them I did check their feeds to make sure they were putting out a significant amount of conservative material. So, for example, Kid Rock might be relatively conservative, but he’s almost exclusively pitching music, not politics, so I left him out. Last but not least, having done lists like this before, I can tell you that no matter how long you work on them, someone inevitably gets missed because it’s a big world. That’s how it goes, but we update if we find someone who has been missed.


60) Neil Cavuto: 599k

59) Rush Limbaugh: 604k

58) Jesse Waters: 619k

57) Jordan Peterson: 639K

56) Ron Paul: 658k

55) Diamond and Silk: 692k

54) Karl Rove: 696k

53) Dennis Miller: 699k

52) Rob Schneider: 715k

51) Allen West: 744k