The 5 Weirdest Things About Being a Conservative Who Doesn’t Love Trump

Donald Trump was not my cup of tea in the Republican primaries. Well, maybe he was my cup of tea, if the tea was bitter and poisoned. Suffice it to say, although I started out as a Trump fan, I was not rooting for him to win the GOP nomination. Although I could never vote for Hillary Clinton, I did not support Trump either. I wrote in Ted Cruz’s name, which I thought was essentially irrelevant because there was no chance Trump could win.

I don’t feel bad about not believing Trump could win because let’s face it, even a lot of “true believers” were starting to give excuses about whom they’d blame when he lost. In fact, if you believe Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury (and I do in this case), even the Trump campaign thought it was going down to defeat. Since then, things have gotten a little weird for a number of reasons….

1. Trump has been a much better conservative president than I thought he would be

Maybe Trump is just jumping over a low bar because after listening to some of the crazier answers he gave during the primary season, I wouldn't have put the chances of him nuking Norway at zero. On the other hand, maybe we don’t ask enough out of our Republican politicians because I am pretty sure that if you just focus on what he’s done and not what he says, Trump’s performance in office has been orders of magnitude better than Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich could have ever delivered. He’s cut regulations, pushed through tax cuts, smashed ISIS, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, helped get the NFL back on the right path, delivered brutal beatings to the liberal press, got a lot of judges confirmed, the economy is killing it – it just goes on and on. Even Trump’s harshest critics on the Right would be talking about him as another Reagan if he were capable of controlling the words that come out of his mouth or the tweets he makes. Of course, if fire were wet, it would be water.