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Suspect in Boise Stabbing Spree Doesn't Quite Match Media's Narrative

A horrific stabbing spree at a Boise, Idaho, apartment complex last night left nine people injured, including six children. Local media reports state that four of the victims have life-threatening injuries.

The national media quickly seized on the fact that the apartment complex was known to house refugees and that some of the victims themselves were apparently refugees.

Despite the fact that the 30-year-old male suspect was arrested last night at 8:50 p.m. and his arrest record and mugshot were posted on the Ada County Sheriff's website at 3:46 this morning, none of the articles identified the suspect.

CNN left the suspect's identity out, too, while pushing the refugee status of the victims:

That the victims were refugees — with no mention of the suspect's identity — was quickly highlighted by establishment media types:

The seeming direction that the media narrative took was that this was a hate crime by someone from out of state, directed at Boise's refugee community and fueled by anti-immigration rhetoric.

Alas, that doesn't seem to be the case with arrested suspect Timmy Earl Kinner:

A quick internet search shows a series of arrests and charges for Kinner in a number of states, including apparently being shot by a homeowner during a burglary, but nothing to indicate any anti-immigrant animus or bias, just a career criminal.

That notwithstanding, the message that the horrific stabbings last night were fueled by anti-refugee sentiments and by President Trump quickly took hold on social media, including from D.C.-area PR specialist Brian Lustig in a now-deleted tweet: