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Study Finds GOP Cares About Voter Fraud, Dems Care Only if It Hurts GOP

If there's one thing we should all agree on, it's that voter fraud should be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Each instance of voter fraud devalues our liberty and disenfranchises one citizen. Voter fraud has been a focus of the Republican Party for several years. However, few Democrats have appeared concerned about it.

Now, a new study quantifies those observations.

John V. Kane, a professor at New York University, found that Republicans respond to even the smallest mention of voter fraud as evidence that tougher legislation is needed, which he notes in a study published in Public Opinion Quarterly.

While the study found that many Democrats actually do support voter ID laws, their support is far more flexible. According to Kane, their support is dependent on whether or not voter ID would help or hurt the Republican candidate.

Clearly, a principled position.

As Kane told the Washington Times, "There’s different concerns in both camps. Republicans really do appear to be super-concerned about fraud and Democrats not so much. Democrats really appear to be concerned about the electoral implications, not so much fraud."

Of course, this only applies to voters. With lawmakers, it's a different story.

Democrat legislators and party leadership continually paint any effort to address voter fraud as racism -- which tends to be their argument on everything. Apparently, they believe minorities don't have the wherewithal to secure a photo ID -- the same piece of identification required to open a bank account, purchase alcohol and tobacco, board an airplane .... or to attend some Democratic fundraisers.

Kind of makes you wonder who the racists are here, doesn't it?