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Study: 27% of California Adolescents Identify as 'Nongender Conforming'

A pride parade makes it's way through a city street with signs of protest for trans rights

A recent study of adolescents in the state of California by researchers at UCLA found that an eyebrow-raising percentage now identify as "nongender conforming."

"We found that 27 percent of youths age 12 to 17 in California, or about 796,000, are GNC," the study stated.

The study grouped the kids into three definitions: "gender conforming," "androgynous," or "highly nongender conforming." They found that 20.8 percent were categorized as "androgynous," and an additional 6.2 percent as "highly nongender conforming."

This is a huge number that does not align with any prior studies, such as the 4.1 percent of the population of the country that Gallup found identify as LGBT -- and only a fraction of that 4.1 percent were "T."

How could the UCLA researchers possibly come up with such a result? Could one state have such a disproportionate percentage of the nongender conforming population? Further, could a massive percentage of that population happen to be kids aged 12-17?

Sorry, I'm not buying that. So what gives?

Take a look at popular culture for a moment. People see transgender everywhere they look, and they're really trying to find it. Whereas the proverbial tomboy was once a mainstay of American life, now parents of girls who enjoy sports and like to climb trees must fend off questions as to whether their little girl is trans.

Acceptance has morphed into transphilia: the culture is pushing it as cool or trendy.

Are kids actually suffering from gender dysphoria -- a terrible disorder with awful rates of suicide -- because there's plenty of media out there telling them to? Or, more likely, are kids simply experimenting with what's trendy or cool while not actually suffering the condition?